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August 26th: The Conditions Needed for the Inception of Life


Podcast: Download Date: August 26, 2011 Title: The Conditions Needed for the Inception of Life Podcaster: Liminality Link: http://www.binaryparticle.com/ Description: Billions of galaxies, sextillions of stars. The right chemicals, the right temperature, the right place… Earth. Today we’ll take a look at some of the many things that had to line up in the universe for us to be here. Bio: Liminality is the creator of http://www.binaryparticle.com/, a science wiki, and a fan of astronomy. Sponsor: This episode of “365 [...]

August 25th: Henrietta Swan Leavitt


Podcast: Download Date: August 25, 2011 Title: Henrietta Swan Leavitt Podcaster: Steve Arnold Description: This is a brief insight into the life of Henrietta Swan Leavitt a woman who seems to be forgotten in history but played a very important roll in measuring the universe. Bio: My name is Steve Arnold I’m an amateur astronomer from the UK I’ve been interested in all aspects of astronomy for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s history or cutting edge as [...]

August 24th: Stars at a Glance


Podcast: Download Date: August 24, 2011 Title: Stars at a Glance Podcasters: Thomas Hofstätter and Leon Dombroski Organization: :: The Hidden Space Project :: Links: www.hidden-space.at.tf Description: Stars are like our Sun, but there are many variations of them. One thing is true, they all begin there life by the spark of nuclear fusion at their cores. Almost every dot in the night sky that we see are stars. All of those stars exist within our Milky Way Galaxy. Very [...]

August 23rd: Detection of Visible Light from the Darkest World


Podcast: Download Date: August 23, 2011 Title: Detection of Visible Light from the Darkest World Podcaster: David Kipping Organization: CfA Links: http://www.cfa.harvard.edu My home page : http://www.davidkipping.co.uk The paper on which this podcast is based: http://arxiv.org/abs/1108.2297 Description: Two weeks ago, it was announced that Kepler had discovered the darkest exoplanet; a world which reflects less than 1% of the incident light. In this podcast, lead author David Kipping will discuss how Kepler managed to accomplish this and what the detection [...]

August 22nd: Songs of Distant Earth


Podcast: Download Date: August 22, 2011 Title: Songs of Distant Earth Podcaster: Darren Landrum Link: http://eternalprototyper.com/ Description: This is a very science-light episode of 365 Days of Astronomy. Instead, I’m talking about my love of writing songs about space travel and manned orbital flight. I’m currently working on my first album, so I pick a few snippets of my work out, and then talk about the stories behind them. Stories of the loneliness on a generation ship, the fear of [...]

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