July 2nd: Tides, Moons and Other Bodies

Date: July 2nd, 2012 Title: Tides, Moons and Other Bodies Podcasters: Nik Whitehead Description:The Moon has a massive effect on the planet Earth, and this can most easily be seen in the movement of water that we know as the tides. Although these seem to come in and...

July 1st: Encore: Don't Forget Kepler

Date: July 1st, 2012 Title: Encore: Don’t Forget Kepler Podcaster: David Powell Organization: None This podcast originally aired on April 22, 2009 http://365daysofastronomy.org/2009/04/22/april-22nd-dont-forget-kepler/ Description: I will give biographical...

June 30th: Encore: The Big Bang!

Date: June 30, 2012 Title: Encore: The Big Bang! Podcaster: Josh Schroeder from Columbia Astronomy Organization: Columbia University Astronomy http://outreach.astro.columbia.edu This podcast originally aired on June 17, 2009...
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