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By Sabrina Stierwalt on May 22, 2019 in

In 2006, Pluto was officially stripped of its planetary status. Now that debate is being reignited with some astronomers calling for the reinstatement of Pluto as a planet, arguing that the icy world should never have been demoted in the first place. So what is the deal? Is Pluto a planet?

By Paul M. Sutter on May 21, 2019 in

What’s so bad about Venus, besides everything? How did it get so bad? How about Earth? @PaulMattSutter will answer the questions at #365DaysOfAstro

By Astronomy Cast on May 20, 2019 in

South America, especially the Atacama Desert in Chile has become one of the best places in the world to put a telescope. Today we’ll talk about the monster telescopes already in operation in this region, and the big ones coming soon.

By Al Grauer on May 19, 2019 in

Brian Africano discovered Asteroid 2018 RA and 2018 RW, which had just passed near to Earth. #365DaysOfAstro

By Tony Darnell on May 18, 2019 in

Book Review: “Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos” by Brian Cox & Jeff Foreshaw