Join in! You can be our next Media Star

If you want to register to provide content (and you know that you do) you have arrived at the correct place to begin making that happen. Podcasting history is yours to make, right here, starting right now, so follow the instructions below for how to join in on the podcasting fun and help share astronomy with the world.

How to contribute:

  1. Read The Rules below
  2. Email us and volunteer to “own” a particular day or days of 2014.
  3. Plan out your show and record it as best you can.
  4. Send us your audio and transcript at least 3-7 days before your air date. (Earlier is great too!)
  5. All voices, all accents, everyone is welcome.

The Rules

  1. All dates are on a first come first serve basis.
  2. You may sign up for up to 12 dates (one per month) but you are only guaranteed 1 date if we experience extremely high levels of participation.
  3. You are not required to base your podcast on our calendar of astronomical events, but it does offer good suggestions!.
  4. You must submit your audio no less than 3-7 days before your air date(s) or you may lose your date(s). The transcript can be submitted later if needed. (In other words, don’t delay sending us the audio if your transcript isn’t ready!)
  5. You can contribute a video but we will onl use the audio for the podcast and share the video link to our listener.
  6. All contributions should be around 5 – 60 minutes in length. Feel free to point people to an extended version that you host on your own site.
  7. All contributions should be G-rated.
  8. The subject matter need not be appropriate for all listeners. Some topics will be too basic or too complex for some listeners. That’s OK. A podcast about the magnitude scale is encouraged, as is one on neutrinos in the early universe.
  9. Contributions will be accepted and published at the sole discretion of the 365 Days of Astronomy team and Astrosphere New Media.