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By Gordon Houston on September 13, 2009 in

Date: September 13, 2009 Title: Why We See The Same Side of the Moon Podcaster: Gordon Houston Organization: JPL/NASA Solar System Ambassadors Program Description: Have you ever wondered why we always see the same side of the Moon? Did you know that the Moon only rotates once each time it orbits the Earth? Today’s […]

By Bruce Irving on June 4, 2009 in

Date: June 4, 2009 Title: JPL’s Greatest Hits Podcaster: Bruce Irving Organization: JPL Main Web Site: JPL Solar System Ambassadors: Description: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has been involved in space exploration since 1958 when its Explorer 1 spacecraft became the United States’ first successful Earth-orbiting satellite. Operated for NASA by the California […]