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Visanu Euarchukiati is an astronomy enthusiast working and living in Thailand. An active member of the Thai Astronomical Society, Visanu served as the Society’s executive committee and played a major role in the production of Thailand’s first English-Thai Dictionary of Astronomy. He also writes and translates astronomy articles for magazines and has a book of astronomy tidbits and anecdotes published under his name. His special interests in astronomy cover archeoastronomy and star tales. Visanu is the publisher of a podcasting website Khaikhan Nithan Dao (, telling star tales from all over the world in Thai language.

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By Visanu Euarchukiati on October 23, 2009 in

Date: October 23, 2009 Title: A History of Modern Astronomy in Thailand Part 2 Podcaster: Visanu Euarchukiati Link: Description: Part 2 gives an account of Thailand’s astronomy from the 20th Century to the present. Although initial achievements before 1900 were few and far between, the pace has picked up considerably. Public awareness is at […]

By Visanu Euarchukiati on August 8, 2009 in

Date: August 8, 2009 Title: A History of Modern Astronomy in Thailand Part 1 Podcaster: Visanu Euarchukiati Organization: Khaikhan Nithan Dao Description: Part 1 tells about Thailand’s astronomy before the 20th Century. Not long after the advent of the telescope, late 17th Century Siam (former name of Thailand) built the first modern astronomical observatory […]