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Mat Kaplan hosts and produces Planetary Radio, the weekly public radio and podcast series from the Planetary Society. Planetary Radio is heard on 150 stations across North American and beyond, as well as on Sirius XM satellite radio. The podcast can be found in the iTunes Store. Founded by Lou Friedman, Bruce Murray and Carl Sagan, the Planetary Society inspires and involves the world’s public in space exploration through advocacy, projects, and education.

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By Mat Kaplan on November 9, 2009 in

Date: November 9, 2009 Title: Celebrate Carl Sagan’s 75th With Longtime Collaborator Ann Druyan Podcaster: Mat Kaplan Organization: Planetary Radio “A Glorious Dawn” video on You Tube Description: This would have been Carl Sagan’s 75th birthday. Ann Druyan tells us how she’ll be celebrating on Capitol Hill with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Jim […]

By Mat Kaplan on July 19, 2009 in

Date: July 19, 2009 Title: A Visit with Ray Bradbury Podcaster: Mat Kaplan of The Planetary Society Links: Planetary Radio Ray Description: A very recent conversation with the beloved author, poet, dramatist and visionary, Ray Bradbury. In these excerpts, Mat asks Ray to look back forty years to the Apollo 11 landing on the […]