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Date: June 9, 2012 Title: Gravity Wave Astronomy Podcaster: Ivan Semeniuk Organization: Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto Link: This podcast originally aired on July 26, 2009 Description: Gravity waves promise an entirely new way to perceive the universe, more like hearing rather than seeing. So far no gravity waves have […]

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Date: June 3, 2012 Title: Encore: Transiting Extra Solar Planets Podcaster: The Ordinary Guy from the Brains Matter podcast Organization: Brains Matter – Link: This Podcast originally aired on October 31, 2010 Description: The number of extra solar planets discovered keeps increasing every time we hear about them. How do astronomers work out […]

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Date: June 2, 2012 Title: Encore: Exploring the Solar System: Venus Podcaster: Thomas Hofstätter Organization: The Hidden Space Project Link: This podcast originally aired on March 8th 2011 Description: The second step in the journey through the solar system is Venus. The planet has some very interesting phenomenons to offer and is in […]

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Date: May 26, 2012 Title: Encore: Eclipsing Binaries Podcaster: AAVSO, with Mike Simonsen, Virginia Renehan and Rebecca Turner. This podcast originally aired on August 7, 2009 Organization: American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) Description: Today we will discuss eclipsing binaries, variable stars that are actually two stars in orbit around each other, […]

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Date: May 25, 2012 Title: Encore: Detecting Moons Around Extrasolar Planets Podcaster: Adam Fuller This podcast originally aired on March 22, 2010 Description: As more exoplanets are discovered transiting their star, scientists have begun looking for potential moons orbiting these exoplanets. Today’s podcast is about how we can detect an exomoon and what type […]

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Date: May 24, 2012 Title: Comics in SPAAAAACE! Podcaster: Paul Caggegi Organization: The Process Diary Links: Description: Amidst all the hyper-drives and FTLs in science fiction, the often-overlooked generation ship, or space ark presents a more feasible option to colonise the stars. Paul Caggegi has made it the backdrop of his mini-comic, “Humm” which […]

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Date: May 23, 2012 Title: Northeast Astronomy Forum Podcaster: RapidEye Organization: RapidEye Observatory – a private observatory in rural Lee County, NC Links: Description: NEAF, a place for astronomy enthusiast and amateur astronomers to get together and share knowledge, learn about new technology, and enjoy the fellowship of people bound together Bio: […]

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Date: May 20, 2012 Title: Encore: The Universe in Ultraviolet! Podcaster: Erika Hamden from Columbia Astronomy Organization: Columbia University Astronomy This podcast originally aired on June 8th, 2009 Description: Looking at different wavelengths of light can yield new information about the universe around us. By observing ultraviolet radiation, astronomers find regions of recent […]