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David Chapman has been an amateur astronomer for nearly 50 years, ever since his father showed him the constellation Orion in the winter sky. He has observed all the Messier Objects, two total solar eclipses, and 2 great comets. He joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 1983 and is now a Life Member. He was President of the RASC Halifax Centre in Nova Scotia for 2 years and now looks after their web page. He has written scripts for the NPR show StarDate and wrote a series of 50 columns for the Journal of the RASC. He has been a Contributing Editor of the Journal and is currently an Assistant Editor. He is actively involved in local IYA activities in 2009.

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Date: March 23, 2009 Title: Venus moves from the Evening Sky to the Morning Sky Podcaster: David M. F. Chapman Organization: Astronomy Nova Scotia: David Chapman’s website: Description: Venus has appeared high in the western sky throughout the winter. As it nears Inferior Conjunction on March 27, it plunges into the sunset almost 8 degrees North of […]