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Dec 22nd: Learning The Christmas Sky

Nov 17th: ATM-ing With Special Guest Tom Otvos


The Actual Astronomy Podcast presents ATM-ing with Special Guest Tom Otvos and places a focus on Amateur Telescope Making. Chris and Shane interview someone who has built their own large very fast telescope. We talk about the motivation behind building one’s own telescope vs. buying an off the shelf telescope as well as the amature telescope making community and how you can get involved.

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Sep 1st: Objects to Observe in the September 2022 Night Sky

Aug 18th: Saturn at Opposition


Today @ActualAstronomy will discuss about how to find Saturn and what you can see with your eye, binoculars and a small telescope. Also the Rings and gaps in the rings, the Seelinger effect which brightens the rings around this time as well as the Moons of Saturn.

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