Podcaster:  Host : Mike Simmons ; Guest :Lora Bleacher

Title: Hangoutathon: Why We Still Need Lunar Education


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Description: Lets discuss about the important of lunar education and DREAM = Dynamic Response of the Environments at Asteroids, the Moon and moons of Mars.

Bio: Mike Simmons, founder & President of Astronomers Without Borders.

Guests: Lora Bleacher, NASA’s Solar System Exploration Division’s Education and Public Outreach Lead, and Andrea Jones, an Education Specialist with the Planetary Science Institute, Education & Communications Lead for the LRO program, NASA’s SSERVI RIS4E & FINESSE teams, and is based out of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. She is also the Director of the InOMN, the International Observe the Moon Night.

Lora is also currently acting as the Assistant Director of Science for Education in GSFC’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate. She shares the excitement of GSFC’s planetary science research and missions with educators, students, and the public through authentic experiences, professional development, and opportunities to interact with GSFC’s subject matter experts. A planetary scientist by training, Bleacher enjoys communicating about the practice of science and NASA STEM careers with the audiences she reaches. She is also dedicated to enabling scientists and engineers to effectively engage with learners of all ages.
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