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365--500x500-M33(1)Title: Coming Soon to a Planetarium Near You

Organization: Robeson Planetarium and Science Center in Lumberton, NC, USA

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Description: Where can you go to be inspired and learn about the universe around you? Even in bad weather? You local planetarium.  This podcast lets you know how to find a planetarium near you, and why you should visit.

Bio: Ken Brandt Directs the Robeson Planetarium and Science Center in Lumberton, NC, USA.  He is also a volunteer in NASA’s Solar System Ambassador program, and lectures in Astronomy at Campbell University and the University of North Carolina, Pembroke.  Ken is the President of the SouthEastern Planetarium Association.

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Hi, I’m Ken Brandt, and I work at the Robeson Planetarium in Lumberton, North Carolina, USA. This is my dream job-being able to teach thousands of children, teachers, and the public about the wonder and beauty of the night sky.

So where can you go to see an inspirational view of the stars, planets, and the moon? No matter what time of day, or even in bad weather? Your local planetarium-that’s where! There are thousands of planetariums throughout the world, and chances are, you have more than one pretty close to you.

In most cases, you’ll be treated to a view of the night sky as you’d see it from your neighborhood. You’ll be given insight about the latest discoveries in space science. If you have questions about space science or astronomy, you can get them answered by the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Many planetariums are using state-of-the-art full dome video projection. This means that the images cover the entire domed ceiling, and can immerse you in the story in a way no other theatre can.

And the stories told by these video productions have changed over the years. Obviously, astronomy is the theme of many of these programs, but you might see a program about microbes, history, or dinosaurs!

In all, the planetarium is a neat place to go and reconnect with the beauty and wonder of science.

Take it from one who has seen many planetarium programs, and shown tens of thousands of people the night sky-planetariums are one of the most effective ways to learn about astronomy and space science-and there’s one closer than you think! To find the planetariums closest to you, just type in the word ‘planetarium’ into any search engine. You’ll get a listing, complete with phone numbers and websites that you can explore further.

As Jack Horkheimer used to say; “keep looking up!”

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