Podcaster:  Pamela Quevillon

Title: Special Space Stories hangoutathon special: Nathan Lowell’s “Are We There Yet?”

Organization: Speak Easy Narration

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the same stories has been aired and read before on June 29th, 2013 :

Description: A tale  about colony ship’s captain and crew encounter some unexpected technical problems. Then more problems. Bit one of the problems seems to actively solve another problem that wasn’t even thought of as a problem.  One of the short stories on Free WIFI on Mars

Bio: Pamela Quevillon is a voice actress who most often lends her voice to science and science fiction content. You can find her work on the “Escape Pod” and “365 Days of Astronomy”, as well as on her site

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Podcast Transcript:  Hello and welcome to 365 Days of Astronomy. Today we present our weekly edition of Space Stories. Today’s story is a science fantasy tale of genetic mutation and redemption. This tale, “The Baby or the Viper” was written by Nathan Lowell and is part of the Free Wifi on Mars collection available at free

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