Podcaster: Lucas Livingston

Title: Comets and Antiquity

Organization: Ancient Art Podcast

Transcript online here

Description: It’s a cosmic collision of contemporary and antiquity on the Ancient Art Podcast! Comet ISON, may have bit the dust, but that’s no reason to pile dirt on comets in the history of art. We look at comets on coinage of Augustus Caesar and Mithridates VI of Pontus. Halley’s Comet appears in art throughout the ages, including 1,000 years ago on the Bayeux Tapestry. We explore the ancient Chinese Comet Atlas of Mawangdui and asteroid Apophis, named after an ancient Egyptian demon of destruction. Also, does the ancient, maligned symbol of the swastika owe its origin to ancient comets?

Bio: Lucas Livingston is the creator and host of the Ancient Art Podcast and museum educator at the Art Institute of Chicago, where you’ll frequently find him giving tours in the museum galleries. He’s recently taken up the enjoyable hobby of homebrewing, which you can read all about in his Homebrew Blog. His secret crime-fighting alter ego is a computer geek while moonlighting as tech support for friends and family. Lastly, he currently finds himself having accidentally started a collection of hairless pets, which he sometimes regrets, but then always comes around.

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