Dec 20th: Europa’s Water Jets & Chinese Lunar Lander

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Podcaster: Host: Fraser Cain: Guests: David Dickinson, Amy Shira Teitel, Jason Major, Nicole Gugliucci

Title:  Weekly Highlight on Zombie ISON, Jade Rabbit, Lovely Venus and Naked-Eye Nova

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David: The Geminid meteors, China landing on the Moon, Space Station Coolant Issues

Fraser: The Year in Space Calendar Giveaway on Universe Today, Kerbal Space Program game on sale on Steam TODAY! UT’s Phases of the Moon App on iOS is FREE Monday, 12/16/2013

Jason: Jets on Europa, Star not a star, Lakes on Titan

Amy: Exoplanet with the biggest orbit

Nicole: New Cosmoquest Android App — Earth or not Earth? Molecular cloud M51.

Bio: Fraser Cain is a Universe Today Publisher 

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