Sept 27th: Antares Launch!

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Podcaster: Host: Fraser Cain : Commentary: Amy Shira Teitel, David Dickinson, Elizabeth Howell, Jason Major

Title:  Weekly Space Hangout:  ANTARES LAUNCH!

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This audio has been aired in live streaming on Sept 20th

Description:  It’s Friday so it’s space hangout time. Join Universe Today publisher Fraser Cain and a crew of space journalists as they discuss the big stories of the week. We’ve got the launch of the Antares rocket, a freaked out armadillo, an unexpected end to Deep Impact, ISON conspiracy madness, and more. We were joined by our regulars, but it was Elizabeth Howell’s first time. She’s been a long-time contributor to Universe Today, but this was the first time she’s joined the Weekly Space Hangout.

Antares Launches to the Space Station
Antares Freaks Out Armadillo
Ending for Deep Impact
More ISON Craziness
No Methane on Mars
Did the Universe Come From a Black Hole
I Didn’t Think He’d Drown
Rubber Room Under the Launch Pad

Bio: Fraser Cain is a Universe Today Publisher  ; Amy Shira Teitel from Vintage Space; David Dickinson form Universe Today; Jason Major from Light in the Dark; Elizabeth Howell is a freelance space journalist in Ottawa, Canada.

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