Podcaster: Pamela Quevillon

Title: Space Stories presents Lilith Lorraine’s “Jovian Jest”

Organization: Speak Easy Narration

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Description: This week we bring you Jovian Jest, by Lilith Lorraine. this story asks us to consider how we’ll handle life coming to us

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This is 365 Days of Astronomy. Today we bring you a new episode in our Space Stories Series. We are always on the lookout for creative commons licensed and copyright free stories that we can share, and that we hope will get people thinking.

This week we bring you Jovian Jest, by Lilith Lorraine. First printed in Astounding Stories in May 1930, this story asks us to consider how we’ll handle life coming to us. This story was written in the span of years between world wars I and II, before man had begun to enter space. Technology has changed, but people in many ways are still the same. Today, we are closer than ever before to being able to detect the signs of alien world’s in the atmosphere of distant planets orbiting other stars. It is all well and good to talk scientifically about potentially find alien life light years away, but how will society react? And, if it’s not light years away, how much greater then will the societal reaction be?

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