Podcaster: Georgia Bracey, Ellen Reilly

Title : Learning Space: In-VESTA-gate

Organization: CosmoQuest

Link :


You can watch the video in:

Description: Learning Space is a weekly show about astronomy and science education and outreach. Join +Georgia Bracey with Ellen Reilly as they preview CosmoQuest’s new classroom unit In-VESTA-gate! So many good activities to choose from… all about the “little guys” of the solar system: comets, meteors/oids/ites, asteroids, and dwarf planets. Which little guy is your favorite? 😉

Bio: Georgia Bracey is from Cosmoquest and Research Associate at SIUE STEM Center

Ellen Reilly is from Education, Instruction, & Public Outreach Team in Cosmoquest.

End of podcast:

365 Days of Astronomy
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