Podcaster: Elizabeth Howell and Dr. David Morrison

Title: Landers Vs. Orbiters: Which Ones To Use On the Moon?

Organization: NASA Lunar Science Institute ;


Music: “A Walk On the Moon” by Styve Bolduc.

Description: NASA recently opened a call for commercial partners to submit their ideas for a lunar lander. While an up-close view of the moon is valuable for some applications, orbital missions also have scientific merit. NLSI’s David Morrison explains when it’s useful to use each.

Bios: NLSI brings together leading lunar scientists from around the world to further NASA lunar science and exploration.

Dr. David Morrison is the senior scientist of the NASA Lunar Science Institute. From 1996-2001 he was the Director of Astrobiology and Space Research at Ames, managing research programs in the space, life, and earth sciences.

Elizabeth Howell is a freelance space journalist in Ottawa, Canada. Her work appears in publications such as Universe Today,, Space Exploration Network and All About Space.

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