August 16th: Astro Highlight: One Year in Red Planet!

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Podcaster:  Host : Fraser Cain ; reporters: Casey Dreier, David Dickinson, Amy Shira Teitel, Sondy Springmann, Nicole Gugliuci

Title:  Weekly Space Hangout: Astronomy Highlight on August 9th

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This audio has been aired in live streaming on August 9th

Description:  Gather round the internets for another episode of the Weekly Space Hangout. Where our experienced team of journalists, astronomers and astronomer-journalists bring you up to speed on the big happenings in the universe of space and astronomy. And here are the stories we covered:

Curiosity Celebrates One Year on Mars
2013 Perseids Meteor Shower
Lori Garver Leaving NASA
Kilonova Discovered
Sun’s Magnetic Field is About to Flip
Japanese HTV-4 Docked
MAVEN Update

Bio: Fraser Cain is a Universe Today Publisher  ; Casey Dreier from Planetary Society ; Alessondra Springmann from Arecibo Observatory; David Dickinson, the astroguyz and writer in Universe Today; Nicole Gugliucci from Cosmoquest

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