Podcaster: Elizabeth Howell and Heiju Hui

Title:  New Water Found in Old Apollo Moon Mission Rock Samples

Organization: NASA Lunar Science Institute ;

Links: NLSI

Music: “A Walk On the Moon” by Styve Bolduc.

Description:  Apollo astronauts on the moon first scooped up lunar samples 44 years ago this month. Decades later, researchers are still finding new things from those rocks – including the University of Notre Dame’s Heiju Hui, who discovered more water in these samples than previously measured.

His team’s findings could change understanding of how the moon formed. Scientists today believe the moon was formed from debris after a body the size of Mars smashed into Earth. Under this model, however, the water would have been flung away into space.

Bios:  NLSI brings together leading lunar scientists from around the world to further NASA lunar science and exploration.

Dr. Hejiu Hui is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering.

Elizabeth Howell is an award-winning freelance space journalist in Ottawa, Canada. Her work appears in publications such as Universe Today,, Space Exploration Network and All About Space.

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