June 11th: LADEE Mission

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Podcaster: Andy Shaner, Nicole Gugliucci & Brian Day

Title: My Moon:  LADEE mission

Organization: CosmoQuest ; My Moon ;

Link : http://youtu.be/kAnctNlqIq0

Description:  All about upcoming LADEE mission to the Moon and ways for the public to be involved!

Bio:  Andy Shaner from Lunar Planetary Institute

Brian Day from NASA Ames

Nicole Gugliucci is a postdoctoral astronomer and educator with CosmoQuest. Now at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, she did her PhD in astronomy at the University of Virginia and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and hugs just about every radio telescope she can find.

End of podcast:

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The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast is produced by the New Media Working Group of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. Audio post-production by Preston Gibson. Bandwidth donated by libsyn.com and wizzard media. Web design by Clockwork Active Media Systems. You may reproduce and distribute this audio for non-commercial purposes. Please consider supporting the podcast with a few dollars (or Euros!). Visit us on the web at 365DaysOfAstronomy.org or email us at info@365DaysOfAstronomy.org. In the new year the 365 Days of Astronomy project will be something different than before….Until then…goodbye.

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