Podcaster: Nancy Atkinson, Alberto Saal & Erik Hauri

Title: Water in the Moon and Earth Have Same Origins

Organization: NASA Lunar Science Institute ;

Links: NLSI

Music:  “Amelia” by Ben Bedford from his “Land of the Shadows” CD.

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Description:  Until about five years ago, the general consensus was that the Moon was bone dry. But several different areas of research have now revealed there is in fact water on and in the Moon. The latest research points to the water in the interior of the Moon and Earth sharing a common origin. Joining NLSI podcast host Nancy Atkinson are the authors of a new paper on this topic, Alberto Saal from Brown University and Erik Hauri from the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Bios: NLSI brings together leading lunar scientists from around the world to further NASA lunar science and exploration.

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Nancy Atkinson is a science journalist and is the Senior Editor for Universe Today.

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