Starting February 2013, we’re back online again. This time it’s from the new home in Cosmoquest! Here’s the story.

The 365 Days of Astronomy Project began as a simple idea to publish one podcast, created by professional and amateur astronomers or astronomy enthusiasts around the world, for every single day in the year of 2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA). Fortunately, what was meant as a one-year project as part of  IYA has ended up running for four years. Since then onward, there have been thousands of original, inspirational podcasts that bring the beauty of the universe to all listeners everywhere. During that time, the 365 Days of Astronomy Project has been delivering daily podcasts discussing various topics in the realm of astronomy. These include history of astronomy, the latest news, observing tips and topics on how the fundamental knowledge in astronomy has changed our paradigms of the world.

By the end of 2012, we announced that the project had come to an end. However, we decided to continue the project in 2013 from our new home in Cosmoquest. You can access our new home from the previous link which will automatically redirect you to the new 365 Days of Astronomy website.

Several changes have been made and we are now proudly announcing that the project has continued its journey with Cosmoquest. It is now accepting sign-ups for participants for more podcasts in 2013. Since its first year, the 365 Days of Astronomy has relied on dedicated podcasters across the globe who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences in astronomy to the world and it will continue that way.

In the early years, 365 Days of Astronomy combined new podcasts on weekdays with “encore” editions of the popular past shows on weekends. Contrary to what we did then, this year we will combine podcast from Cosmoquest and pair it with new one.

The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is now inviting individuals, organizations, schools, companies and clubs to submit 5 – 60 minutes of audio or video as the “new weekend podcasts” which will be airing on every Saturday & Sunday. While on Monday to Friday, we will be airing podcasts from Cosmoquest and partners hangout. Unlike then, this year we are also welcome to any videocast to which we will only extract the audio from it and air it on The 365 Days of Astronomy.

The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is heard by  5,000 listeners per day and by 2012 we surpasses 6 millions download. In 2009, the project was awarded a Parsec Award as “The Best Infotainment” podcast and a year later, in 2010, it was nominated for the “Best Fact Behind the Fiction” award.

The project is now accepting any financial support from individuals as well as organizations. The podcast team invites people and organizations to sponsor them by donating $30 to support one day of the podcast. A dedication for the sponsor will be announced in the beginning of the on-air show. It is possible to sponsor one episode per month for only $360. Alternatively, for a $100 donation sponsor shall get a dedication message at the end of the on-air show for a week. These donations are to cover the price for editing and posting of the podcasts.

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