Sponsoring 365 Days of Astronomy

These programs are, and have always been, a labor of love funded through the community. Your donations fund audio and video editing, maintenance of website and youtube channels, and equipment costs. This provides part-time employment for Avivah and Richard, and helps support our software and server bills. Please help keep the content coming!

We invite you – people and organizations – to sponsor shows by donating to support one or more episodes. It costs us about $45 per day to support all our audio and video content, and your help is what makes our show possible.

Prefer PayPal? We have you covered:

Corporate Sponsors

Are you a corporation with something to give? We are looking for people willing to sponsor the creation of show notes, transcripts and closed captioning of our videos, to send people to conferences to capture video (and stream it live when able), and to edit and post video from conferences and special events. If you are interested, please contact info@cosmoquest.org.