Date: December 27th, 2012

Title: Physicist Kip Thorne Tells How Carl Sagan Opened a Wormhole

Podcaster: Mat Kaplan

Organization: The Planetary Society

Links: Planetary Society:

Description: On November 9th of this year, the anniversary of his birth, friends and colleagues gathered to celebrate Dr. Carl Sagan. Among them was famed CalTech physicist Kip Thorne. In this excerpt from the live conversation at the Crawford Family Forum, Thorne recalls a request for advice from Sagan that led to an entire new area of theoretical research on how wormholes in space could be used for travel to the stars.

Bio: Mat Kaplan hosts and produces Planetary Radio, the Planetary Society’s award-winning, weekly radio and podcast series.  Heard on 150 public stations across North America and beyond, “PlanRad” is also aired by Sirius XM Satellite Radio on Sundays.

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End of podcast:

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