Date: July 7, 2010

Title: A 365 Days Classic: Will the World End in 2012?


Description: Today’s episode is an encore presentation of a previously aired podcast. To ensure that 365 Days of Astronomy can provide new podcasts every day of the year, please consider signing up to contribute your own podcast. Or if you are already on the schedule for a 365 Days of Astronomy podcast, please make sure you submit your materials in timely manner. But for today, we hope you enjoy this 365 Days of Astronomy classic.

Podcaster: Cameron Hummels from Columbia University

See the original posting from April 27, 2009 (which includes the transcript and more info)

Today’s sponsor: “Between the Hayabusa homecoming from Itokawa and the Rosetta flyby of asteroid Lutetia, 13 June until 10 July 2010, this episode of ‘365 Days of Astronomy’ is sponsored anonymously and dedicated to the memory of Annie Cameron, designer of the Tryphena Sun Wheel, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, a project that remains to be started.”

End of podcast:

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