May 30th: Astronomy on Twitter

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Date: May 30, 2010

Title: Astronomy on Twitter


Podcaster: TecnoCasters

Organization: TecnoCasters –

Description: The Tecnocasters discuss the best people on Twitter to follow for astronomy news and information.

Bio: TecnoCasters is the best technology podcast in Spanish. Hosted by Juan D. Guevara, Pedro Riveroll, Lorena Galan and Raul Mitre, TecnoCasters offers a funny and friendly point of view about the gadgets and technology you’ll come across in your ordinary day.

Produced simultaneously in the US and Mexico, TecnoCasters is an international podcast, specially created for the Spanish speaking audience in the world and or for all of those who want to improve their Spanish speaking skills and love technology at the same time.

Today’s sponsor: This episode of “365 Days of Astronomy” is sponsored by Greg Priestley from Sydney, Australia. I love listening to science podcasts – and I’d hate for this show to go fade away. There are far too many unsponsored 365 days of astronomy podcast – if you listen to the podcast on a regular basis, then please donate so we can ALL continue to enjoy this fantastic resource into the future.


Hello everyone and welcome to this Episode of 365 days of Astronomy. My name is Juan Guevara Torres , Host of TecnoCasters – the best technology podcast En espanol.
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and you can follow me on twitter personally at that is g-u-e-v-a-r-a-j-d

I am are very happy and thrilled to be here with you all once again. We want to thank Nancy Atkinson, Senior Editor of Universe Today and Producer of Astronomy Cast for letting TecnoCasters be a part of such a cool project like the 365 Days of Astronomy.

Please check out for more information about this podcast and the many ways you can support this effort.

Today I want to talk to you all about Twitter and Astronomy:

For those who are twitter fans, let me give you a list of users that a posting very interesting content regarding Astronomy on twitter:

1) Phil Plait: He is a very popular Astronomer and author. He currently have close to 41,500 followers and his numbers are growing. You can follow him on twitter @BadAstronomer

2) Dr. Pamela Gay: Astronomer and podcaster. She is the co-host of Astronomy Cast and regular on Tecnocasters. She has been involved in a lot of astronomy projects world wide and you can follow her on twitter @starstryder

3) Scott Maxwell is @MarsRoverDriver: This is the unofficial diary of a Mars Rover Driver scientist at NASA. He usually posts pictures taken by the rovers and very interesting news regarding the rover missions in Mars. As you know, the rovers have surpassed their ‘useful life’ but they are still sending information and data in a regular basis and Scott is tweeting about it. You can follow him. @marsroverdriver

4) Rob Simpson is @Orbiting Frog, he developed @overlondon Twitter feed that reports upcoming visible transits of interesting objects over the UK’s capital city. He created several similar Twitter feeds for a lot of cities around the world. To find yours and get a 45 minute warning before an interesting object will be visible near your city visit

5) Flying Jenny: She is Space Shuttle technician at KSC. Founder of the Space Tweep Society. Inventor, A&P, artist. She makes clear that her tweets hers & don’t represent my contractor employer or NASA.”. She tweets pictures very interesting aspects of working at the the Kennedy Space Center. You can follow her@flyingjenny

6) (Soichi Noguchi from Japan) is the astronaut that is currently on the space station and he is sending an amazing amount of images showing Earth and things going on at the ISS. You can follow him @astro_soichi

7) Jose Hernandez.- he does post a lot about his experiences as an astronaut, and recently posted pictures from visiting the White House and President Obama. He has only been one one mission and for those who are Spanish native speakers he tweets a lot in English. You can follow him @astro_jose

Well, that is all for us today. Be sure to check to keep up with this podcast!!

My name is Juan Guevara Torres, host of TecnoCasters, and … thanks for listening!

End of podcast:

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