Podcaster: Alice Enevoldsen aka Alice’s AstroInfo

Title: How Many Times Can One Spacecraft Leave the Solar System?

Organization: Planetarium Supervisor at Pacific Science Center

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Description: News outlets continue to announce that either Voyager 1 or 2 has left the solar system. Although this is exciting, it is also confusing. Where exactly is the edge of the solar system? Does it move? What’s the difference between the different edges if it doesn’t move?

Bio: Alice Enevoldsen is currently the planetarium supervisor at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington, and volunteers as one of NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors. She has been working in planetariums since 1996, has a B.A. in Astronomy-Geology from Whitman College, and a Masters in Teaching from Seattle University. Her fascination with the stars led her to try her hand at astronomy research in Boston and Walla Walla, where she realized that her calling in life was actually to work in museums and be a translator for scientists. Now she works hard to share her love of the stars and excitement about astronomy with as many people as possible.

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