Podcaster: Avivah Yamani

FolkloreTitle: Folklore Series: Hala Na Godang, The Constellation Orion

Organization: langitselatan

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Description: Today we will bring you a folklore from Indonesia as compiled by langitselatan to introduce astronomy through the story. It is about the Orion Constellation and New Moon Phase according to Bataknese culture.

Bio: Avivah Yamani is an astronomy communicator in langitselatan. An astronomy online media in Indonesia

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This is 365 days of Astronomy. Today we bring you folklore related to astronomy from Indonesia compiled by langitselatan to introduce a story related to the sky or astronomy event.

This is a story of “The Story of Hala Na Godang, the Giant Dragon The Constellation Orion”. Myth from Batak Culture (North Sumatera) about the constellation Orion and the new moon phase. For the Bataknese people, Orion (belt and sword) is a giant snake that perpetually devours the Moon.

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