Date: July 5th, 2012

Title: A Unique Hunt for Meteorites

Podcaster: Nancy Atkinson and Greg Schmidt, Deputy Director of NLSI

Links: NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) –

Music:  “Amelia” by Ben Bedford from his “Land of the Shadows” CD.

Description: On April 22, 2012 in the early morning hours over the Sierra foothills of California, a meteor flashed through the daytime skies and exploded, causing quite a bit of excitement. The aftermath brought a unique search for meteorites by members of the NASA Lunar Science Institute.

Bio: The NLSI brings together leading lunar scientists from around the world to further NASA lunar science and exploration.

Greg Schmidt serves as Deputy Director and Director of International Partnerships of the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI), located in the NASA Research Park at Ames Research Center. Prior to his current position, Schmidt served as Associate Director for Strategic Planning in the Ames Research Center Science Directorate, where he was responsible for a wide variety of tasks. During this time he also took part in NASA’s senior executive training program, in which he did senior external details at both the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and the Hewlett Packard Corporation. In parallel, he also was a co-founder of the NASA Ames Space Portal, an organization which promotes activities in Entrepreneurial Space, in which he led development of an effort studying a commercially leveraged lunar science campaign. Read his complete bio at this link on the the NLSI website.

Nancy Atkinson is a science journalist and is the Senior Editor for Universe Today

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