Date: October 13, 2010

Title: How to be a Lunar Scientist


Podcaster: Nancy Atkinson – NLSI

Organization: NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) –

Description: Have you ever wanted to be a lunar scientist? Nancy Atkinson visits the Lunar Science Forum at NASA’s Ames Research Center and talks with several scientists and students, asking about their experiences, what fueled their interest in science and what advice they might have for any budding future lunar scientists. The scientists in this podcast are Dr. Jennifer Heldmann, Dr. Don Wilhelms, Dr. David Kring, Dr. Tony Colaprete, The students are Heidi Beemer, Donna Viola, and Max Fagin.

Bio: The NLSI brings together leading lunar scientists from around the world to further NASA lunar science and exploration.

Nancy Atkinson is a science journalist and is the Senior Editor for Universe Today.

Today’s sponsor: This episode of “365 Days of Astronomy” is sponsored by the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) is a worldwide, non-profit scientific and educational organization of amateur and professional astronomers interested in stars that change in brightness–variable stars.

Founded in October 1911 to coordinate variable star observations made largely by amateur astronomers for Harvard College Observatory, the AAVSO has grown to become the world leader in variable star astronomy, with members in 45 countries and an archive of over 17 million variable star observations.

As we begin our 99th year, the AAVSO is proud to support excellent education and outreach initiatives like the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast.


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