Date: September 17, 2010

Title: Desert RATS: Humans and Robots Working Together


Podcaster: NASA Lunar Science Institute

Organization: NASA Lunar Science Institute

Desert RATS

Description: NASA‘s Desert Research and Technology Studies team (or Desert RATS) has been testing out new kinds of lunar rovers as well space suits, habitats and robotic systems in extreme environments. Nancy Atkinson talks with Dr. Terry Fong, the Director of the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA’s Ames Research Center, and Dr. David Kring, who leads the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration.

Bio: The NLSI brings together leading lunar scientists from around the world to further NASA lunar science and exploration.

Dr. David Kring is a NLSI Principle Investigator, and leads the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration.

Dr. Terry Fong is the Director of the Intelligent Robotics Group at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Nancy Atkinson is a science journalist and is the Senior Editor for Universe Today.

Music: “Amelia” by Ben Bedford, from his “Land of the Shadows” CD. Used by permission.

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