Date: April 13, 2010

Title: The Rescue of Apollo 13, a conversation with NASA Engineer Jerry Woodfill


Podcaster: Nancy Atkinson

Links: Universe Today, Space Educator’s Handbook, The MER Was Not MOCR , Jerry Woodfill’s site, SpaceActs,

13 Things That Saved Apollo 13

Description: 40 years ago today, an oxygen tank on the Apollo 13 spacecraft exploded, ending the chance for the astronauts to land on the moon, and endangering the lives of the crew. Flight controllers back on Earth worked day and night to work out and execute a plan to save the ship and the crew. On console in the Mission Evaluation Room was NASA Engineer Jerry Woodfill. Woodfill has since researched the Apollo 13 accident in intricate detail and has come up with “13 Things That Saved Apollo 13,” which is being featured on Universe Today.

Bio: Jerry Woodfill has worked at Johnson Space Center for 45 years, and helped create the alarm system for the Apollo spacecraft. He enjoys doing public outreach about NASA, and has created the Space Educator’s Handbook and other educational resources.

Nancy Atkinson is the Senior Editor for Universe Today, a producer/researcher for Astronomy Cast, and the project manager for the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast.

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