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Nov 28th: JWST Measures Temperature of TRAPPIST-1b

Nov 14th: Exoplanets Are Everywhere


Did you know that the discovery of other planets in orbit around other stars is a very recent one? Only 25 years ago, we had no idea there were any planets in our galaxy besides those in our solar system. Now, not only have we discovered them, but astronomers estimate there are trillions of them. There are so many exoplanets out there that every star in our galaxy could have at least one.

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Apr 20th: DwarfLab Dwarf 2 Smart Telescope

May 20th: The Case for the Carl Sagan Space Telescope


In this episode, some astronomers, a former astronaut, the current director of the Space Telescope Science Institute as well as the wife of Carl Sagan himself, got together and wrote a white paper that makes the case for a telescope, named after the famous astronomer Carl Sagan, that will look for and directly image planets like Earth around other stars

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