Podcaster: Tony Darnell

Title: Deep Astronomy – Exoplanet Radio – Ep. 19: Direct Imaging Exoplanets In Our Telescopes

Organization:  Deep Astronomy

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One of the reasons we’ve created Exoplanet Radio is that Exoplanets are awesome. The idea that there are planets in orbit around stars outside our solar system – and even rogue planets that do not orbit a star meandering through interstellar space – is one that cannot help but capture our imagination. The thing is, finding them is very hard. They are small and dim compared to stars so we need to rely on indirect methods to see them like looking for dips in brightness or a wobbling star, or, in the case of rogue planets with no stars, tiny flashes of light from background stars. But ideally, we’d like to see them directly, in our telescopes. Is that possible? You probably guessed I wouldn’t have brought up the question if the answer wasn’t ‘yes’.

Bio: Tony Darnell is the owner of Deep Astronomy website and a host for the same hangout channel in Youtube. He has worked in the field of astronomy all my life, his first job was at a school district planetarium in Boulder, Colorado. With the exception of a stint in the Army in the 1980’s he has worked in many aspects of astronomical research.

Most of his time has been spent writing software to retrieve, process and analyze data taken from telescopes. He has worked with data from some of the world’s largest ground-based and space-based telescopes: from the four meter Blanco telescope in Chile to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomy education has always been his passion and he has written articles for website and produce astronomy videos for YouTube on the DeepAstronomy channel.

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