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Title: Globular Star Clusters with Peter Jedicke

Organization:  Actual Astronomy

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Description: The Actual Astronomy Podcast presents Globular Star Clusters with Peter Jedicke.  In this episode we discuss Peter’s focus on Globular Star Clusters. From their mysterious origins to their place in the Universe we dive into all things Globular. Peter details his undergraduate research and pursuit to view all the known globular clusters. Chris and Peter debate which globular clusters are the best to see at this time of year and Peter provides recommendations for observing his favourite clusters.

Bio: Shane and Chris are amateur astronomers who enjoy teaching astronomy classes and performing outreach where they help the eyes of the public to telescope eyepieces.

Peter Jedicke was National President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada from 2004 to 2006 and is now a Fellow of the RASC. He is also Honorary President of the RASC London Centre.

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Episode 417 of the Actual Astronomy podcast. I’m Chris and joining me is Shane. We are amateur astronomers who love looking up at the night sky and this podcast is for everyone who enjoys going out under the stars.

  • Our guest today is Peter Jedicke
  • I first met Peter when we served on the RASC National Council
  • Craige Levine, who is a past guest from last Spring, had moved to London Ont….
  • Peter co-authors the Star Clusters section of the RASC Observer’s Handbook

Bio: Peter was National President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada from 2004 to 2006 and is now a Fellow of the RASC.
He is also Honorary President of the RASC London Centre.
His favourite astronomical topic, both astrophysically and as an observer, is globular clusters and co-authored the RASCC Observer’s Handbook section on Star Clusters. Lastly, Peter helped start the list of asteroid names with Canadian connections which will be our topic today but….

  • First off, did you see the eclipse from SW Ont?

Let’s chat about globular star clusters since, as you pointed out Peter, it’s best to focus on a narrow topic as the show time whips by:

  • Helen B. Sawyer [Hogg], 1947. Out of Old Books-Catalogues of Nebulous Objects in the Eighteenth Century. Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 41, p. 265-273
    Also: Helen B. Sawyer [Hogg], 1948. Astronomical Journal, Vol. 53, p. 117
  • * What are Star Clusters?
  • – 2 type OC and GC what is the diff…maybe we’ll do OCs another time
  • – Age & Number of stars which equate to variations in CLs + magnitude, colour + number
  • Where do they come from
  • So what is a globular star cluster exactly?
  • -why old-rich-symetrical-live in galactic halo?
  • What are the diff concentration and spectral classifications?
  • What is it you enjoy about globulars?
  • * variable stars in globular clusters
  • * Helen Sawyer Hogg and then my one summer working as a “research assistant” at Western U
  • * something about where globular clusters fit in with cosmology. So: age and role in galaxy mergers
  • How many have you observed?
  • Where have you traveled to observe them?
  • Which are your favourites?

We can let the conversation go off in any direction(s).

Anything to add Peter? Shane?
Thank you!

End of podcast:

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