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Title: The Observer’s Calendar for January 2024

Organization:  Actual Astronomy

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Description:  The Actual Astronomy Podcast presents The Observer’s Calendar for January 2024.  In this episode we’ll talk about catching the Quadrantid meteor Shower’s up to 200 meteors an hour, a double shadow transit on Jupiter, the planets pairing with the Moon and one of best chances to spot Mercury for 2024.

Bio: Shane and Chris are amateur astronomers who enjoy teaching astronomy classes and performing outreach where they help the eyes of the public to telescope eyepieces.

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The Observer’s Calendar for January 2024 on Episode 386 of the Actual Astronomy podcast. I’m Chris and joining me is Shane. We are amateur astronomers who love looking up at the night sky and this podcast is for everyone who enjoys going out under the stars.

  • Happy New Year Shane! This is our first show for 2024!
  • For Christmas I got a throat infection so my voice is a bit rough. So my apologies.
  • So we are back from our first official break, so does that make this season II of The Actual Astronomy Podcast? Will we do 385 episodes for this season before another break?

Jan 3- Earth at perihelion – 147,100,632km (91.4 mill miles)

Jan 4 – Quadrantid meteors peak at 4am EST ZHR 60-200)- but moon interferes as it’s last quarter on this night – Radiant is between Bootes and Draco

Jan 7 – Double Shadows on Jupiter at 9:08 pm EST

Jupiter is high in the South all evening, in Aries, near the Pisces, Cetus Aries boarder.

Jan 8 – Venus 6-degrees N of Moon and add in Mercury to form a triangle in the morning sky

Jan 9 – Mercury 7-degrees above Moon this morning

Jan 11 – New Moon

Jan 12 – Mercury Greatest Elongation Morning Sky – (24-degrees)

Jan 14 – Saturn 2-degrees N of Moon but not here in NA

Jan 15 – Neptune 0.9-degrees N of Moon Occultation for W. Antarctica, Extreme SE S. America, South Georgia Island and S. Sandwich Isles.

Jan 18 – First Quarter Moon and Jupiter 3-degrees S of Moon

Jan 19 – Uranus 3-degrees S of Moon

Lunar Straight Wall visible this evening

Jan 20 – Moon 0.8 degrees S of Pleiades

Asteroid 354 Eleonora at Opposition & mag. 9.7

Jan 25th – Full Moon

Jan 27 – Mercury 0.2 above Mars this morning


12P Pons-Brooks – possibly mid-8th Magnitude in Cygnus- closest approach isn’t until spring but it has been having regular outbursts for the past 6 months.

62P/Tsuchinshan mid-9th magnitude in Leo

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