Podcaster: Rob Sparks. Guest: Ashley Chrimes

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Title: The Cosmic Finch

Organization: NOIRLab

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In 2018 astronomers witnessed an intense explosion far more powerful than the average supernova — 10 –100 times brighter. This event was the first of a new class of objects called Luminous Fast Blue Optical Transients (LFBOTs). In this podcast, Ashley Chrimes discusses LFBOTs and a recently discovered event that is quite different than previously seen LFBOTs. 

Bio: Rob Sparks is in the Communications, Education and Engagement group at NSF’s NOIRLab in Tucson, Arizona.

Ashley Chrimes is currently a European Space Agency research fellow, based at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC). His research interests are in astrophysical transients, such as gamma-ray bursts, fast blue optical transients and fast radio bursts. His work aims to unravel the progenitors of these transients through their host galaxies and mutli-wavelength emission.

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