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Title: Escape Velocity Space News – In Venus VERITAS

Organization: Cosmoquest



For decades now, our planetary science news cycles have been dominated by Mars. Mars is relatively close, and we have a lot of experience landing there and science goals to pursue. But it has left our other closest neighbor, Venus, off the mission list. That is, until 2021, when NASA and the European Space Agency announced three separate but complimentary missions to that hellscape world. 

And now, one of those missions – VERITAS – is threatened to be completely mothballed before even really beginning. Later on in the show, Beth Johnson will interview deputy principal investigator, Darby Dyar, about why VERITAS is suddenly on the chopping block, what this means for planetary exploration, and how the public can help change NASA’s mind. (This episode was originally released on YouTube April 15, 2023.)

Bio: Dr. Pamela Gay is a Senior Scientist at Planetary Science Institute and a Director of  CosmoQuest.

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