Podcaster: Pamela Gay

Title: Escape Velocity Space News – Space Science Potpourri & A More Hopeful Look at Climate Change

Organization: Cosmoquest



This episode has a little bit of everything as we bring you results from astronomers, geoscientists, climate scientists, imaging scientists, glaciologists, meteorologists, planetary scientists, engineers, and even bioarchaeologists. This diversity of research allows us to better understand our world and beyond. 

In our first segment, we look at how our ecosystem and past cultures rebounded after prior naturally occurring climate events. It’s unclear if this research will help us better recover from the climate change we’re currently facing, but maybe it will give us hope. 

From our world, we travel outward, looking at the meteorology of Mars, future technology for space exploration, and the star catalogs that will help us define our place in space. (This episode originally aired on television January 28, 2023)

Bio: Dr. Pamela Gay is a Senior Scientist at Planetary Science Institute and a Director of  CosmoQuest.

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