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Title: Actual Astronomy – ATM-ing With Special Guest Tom Otvos

Organization:  Actual Astronomy

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Description: The Actual Astronomy Podcast presents  ATM-ing with Special Guest Tom Otvos and places a focus on Amateur Telescope Making. Chris and Shane interview someone who has built their own large very fast telescope. We talk about the motivation behind building one’s own telescope vs. buying an off the shelf telescope as well as the amature telescope making community and how you can get involved.

Bio: Shane and Chris are amateur astronomers who enjoy teaching astronomy classes and performing outreach where they help the eyes of the public to telescope eyepieces.

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Welcome to Episode 272 of the Actual Astronomy Podcast, today we’re talking Amateur Telescope Making. I’m Chris and joining me is Shane. We are amateur astronomers who love looking up at the night sky and this podcast is for anyone who likes going out under the stars. And joining us today and Tom!

Thanks for joining us on the podcast!
So Tom just tell us a little about yourself, maybe what your astronomy interests are?
Since this might be a new topic for some people, maybe we can define amateur telescope making a little for people?
Can you tell us about what we mean by a 10-inch or a 25-inch?
What is the f-number?
Why would someone choose to make a telescope when new telescopes can be readily purchased?
What size and types of telescopes have you made?
Have you built any refractors? If so, how do you get the focuser square to the tube?
What has been your favourite?
What eyepieces do you prefer?
Let’s talk about the big fast scopes, this seems to be somewhat of a recent phenomenon but it must be challenging to build large fast scopes.
Can you tell us about why you might build an f3.x telescope?
Do you have any advice or suggestions for people looking to try their hand at telescope building?
Do either of you have a YouTube channel or any other online presence where people can follow you?

Thanks so much for being on the show!
Thanks Tom, Shane and to everyone for listening, be sure to subscribe in
your podcatching software. You can reach us at

End of podcast:

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