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Title: Cheap Astronomy – Dear CA # 083: Black Holes. Again.

Organization: Cheap Astronomy



Back in black. Cheap Astronomy dives head first into some more black holes.

What’s in a black hole? 

Answer: Don’t know – and coming up next week we investigate where the edge of the universe is… OK, just kidding. The whole idea of an event horizon is that anything lying beyond it is unknowable.

Can you really have planets around a black hole? 

This is yet another reference to the movie Interstellar, which was built around the premise of a black hole called Gargantua having three orbiting planets. This is an entirely theoretical scenario, as we’ve never observed a black hole with orbiting planets, but it is plausible.

Bio: Cheap Astronomy offers an educational website where you can get more Big Bang for your buck.

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