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Title: Guide To Space – A Tour Of The Lagrange Points – Part 2: Space Telescopes at L2 & Nothing at L3

Organization: Universe Today



Lagrange Points. Stable spots in space that you just can’t stop thinking about. What spacecraft work best in which places? What are some amazing ideas that could utilize these regions across the Solar System?

In the last episode, I gave an overview of the Lagrange points, and then went into the details of spacecraft missions sent to L1, the perfect place to constantly observe the Sun, the Earth, or to block radiation coming from the Sun. The best place for a lunar elevator, or a spot to put a space station at the Moon.

This week, we’re going to talk about L2 and L3, the other meta-unstable spots that you can park a spacecraft at.

Bio: Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today

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