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Title : Awesome Astronomy December 2021 Part 2 (The Space Exploration Show)

Organization: Awesome Astronomy

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The Discussion:

  • Jen becomes the Managing Editor of the Sky Guide app and talks hazardous asteroids on BBC1’s Breakfast show
  • Observing Comet Leonard
  • Listeners emails on colonising the galaxy and killing Mars potatoes

The News

  • Recreating Mars in Antarctica
  • Future space tourists are unlikely to be getting official astronaut wings
  • News ways to capture space debris
  • Elon Musk announces concerns over the viability of his Starship rocket

The news discussion: With the recent Russian anti-satellite test, are we headed for Kessler Syndrome?

Nebulas : Our new show segment replacing the concluded moons of the solar system. This month we’re turning our attention to the weird and wonderful nebulae that you can see through telescopes or use to understand the interstellar medium and star formation. This month we focus on Planetary Nebulae.

Q&A: How small would an asteroid need to be to enable a 14.5st human to jump up and that would be enough to reach escape velocity? From our good friend Lee King (@tinyleaks on Twitter)

Bio: Awesome Astronomy is a podcast beamed direct from an underground bunker on Mars to promote science, space and astronomy (and enslave Earth if all goes well).

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