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Title: Cheap Astronomy – Dear CA #75: Practicalities

Organization: Cheap Astronomy


Description: Cheap Astronomy uncovers some of the inconvenient truths of space travel.

– What do you know about satellite servicing.

So, here’s a new twist on the space junk story. Remember, there’s two main populations of space junk, one in low earth orbit, which includes various rocket stages, decommissioned surveillance satellites and miscellaneous debris all of which will eventually undergo orbital decay in years, decades or centuries. 

– What would a multi-generational spacecraft be like? 

It would probably look like the human race’s complete collection of moral dilemmas all packed into one sardine can. The premise here is that if we can’t travel faster than light speed (or even close to it), the only way for people to reach other stellar systems is with a multi-generational spaceship. 

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