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Title : Awesome Astronomy May 2021 Part 2 (The Space Exploration Show)

Organization: Awesome Astronomy

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The Discussion:

  • Farewell to Michael Collins
  • Jeni back on the radio, other podcasts and TV –
  • Listeners’ emails

The News

  • Blue Origin prepares to take space tourists
  • The launch of China’s new Space Station & falling space debris
  • Can you help the Royal Astronomical Society find the UK’s moon trees?
  • SpaceX reaches a production/economic milestone with a 10th reuse of a Falcon 9 booster

The big news story: NASA awards and then pauses the contract to develop the next lunar lander.

Moons of the Solar System: Our show segment exploring the discovery, exploration and our knowledge of the solar system’s moons. And we move onto Saturn’s enigmatic satellites, Titan and Enceladus.

Q&A: ‘What is the future for Hubble once the JWST launches and could there be new servicing missions with the development of the SpaceX Starship’ From our good friend Mark de Vrij in the UK.

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