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Title: Cheap Astronomy – Fantastic Physics Formulas #6: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

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We’e not sure about this one…

Being a principle, there are a number of different ways in which Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle can come into play. The best known example is that the more you try to hone in on a particle’s position x, the less you are able to determine its momentum p. And if you instead devote your efforts towards determining its momentum, you will find your ability to determine its position beginning to slip away. Essentially, you can never know either of these aspects of the particle’s behavior exactly and the more precisely you know one, the less precisely you can know the other.

Also: The Wave Function.

Since this is Fantastic Physics Formulas, we’ll first tell you what the formula is and then we’ll spend the rest of the episode trying to explain what the heck it means. So, firstly the formula says that the second derivative of u with respect to time is equal to c squared times the Laplacian of the wave at u.

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