Podcaster:  Charles Fulco

Title:Science@Home – Guest Dr. Mike Brown

Organization:  Science@Home Interview. NASA; AAS; NSTA; Intl. Dark-Sky Assoc.

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Description: Today we interview Dr. Mike Brown. He led a team of astronomers who discovered UB313, now called dwarf planet Eris, in 2005. This discovery led the IAU to, for the first time ever, define what the word “planet” meant. The other dwarf planets are Ceres, Makemake, Haumea and Pluto.

Dr. Brown is a professor at the California Institute of Technology and is the author of How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming.

Bio: Public school science teacher/planetarium director; NASA Solar System Ambassador; AAS Nat. Education Coordinator for 2023/2024 U.S. solar eclipses; Local Area Director, Intl. Dark-Sky Assoc.; Northrup-Grumman Zero-G Flight of Discovery participant; 7 Total/Annular Eclipse expeditions to 4 continents; Contributor: Science & Children (, Time for Kids (, Cobblestone and Dig (

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