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Organization: Awesome Astronomy

Title : Awesome Astronomy May 2020 Part 2 (Space Roundup)

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The Discussion: Ralph channels his inner Churchill, while Jen goes on about Tiger King and her upcoming Cafe Scientifique talk. And we hear from listener Mark Grundy about the Welsh Room in the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburg.

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • China’s mission to Mars and the patch that suggests further ambitions
  • Musings on Starlink visibility and what is being done to help astronomers.
  • Commercial Crew Launch 27th May
  • News about disaster and success at SpaceX with Starship

Main news story: NASAs proposals for how Artemis Moon missions will work and go much further than Apollo

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: The Far IR and Sub millimeter part of the spectrum. How it became so important for astronomy and by whom.

Q&A: A brief return for the Hat of woo dispelling the 5G coronavirus conspiracy From @LynchSeanP on Twitter.

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